Check your name in the complete state-wise final list of SECC-2011 data and download the new BPL list 2024 using the links given below

It is important to note that there is no proper BPL List 2024 which is publicly available, as the list is a part of Socio-Economic Cast Census Data – 2011.

The Motive Behind the BPL List

The Motive Behind the BPL List

As you all the BPL list contains the name of the people who comes under the below poverty line category. The government prepares the BPL list every year to eliminate the names of the family from it.

The motive of the government in preparing the BPL category list is to provide help to needy people through social welfare schemes. Now people can easily check the list by visiting the official website of MGNREGA.


BPL List (Till 2024) Based on (SECC-2011) NREGA Data

People can check their name in the BPL list through any of the 2 methods described below:-

1. Based On Inclusion & Exclusion in the NREGA Scheme 2.State Wise BPL List Download – Find Your Name

In Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 

(MGNREGA Scheme), under this scheme most of the BPL households are covered/included, hence, you can check names in the BPL list by looking at the list of NREGA job cards at its official website.

STEP 1: To download the BPL List from SECC 2011 Data (based on MGNREGA data), candidates can directly click this link –

For checking names in the all-India final BPL list, based on the NREGA job cards list, below is the complete procedure:-

STEP 2: To check your name in the IPPE2 final BPL list, candidates can click the “State Name” to reach the next page which will be displayed as below.

STEP 3: On this screen, users have to select the financial year (Up to 2024), district, block, and panchayat and then click on the “Proceed” button which will take you to the list of NREGA job cards (Almost all those belongs to the BPL families).

STEP 4: On the next page, you will see the complete list of all NREGA Job Cards or most of the BPL candidates as shown below.

STEP 5: Finally, candidates can click the “Job Card Number / जॉब कार्ड संख्या” to check the complete details of that particular candidate. 

Candidates can press the ctrl+F buttons to open the find dialog and search their name in the BPL list based on NREGA until 2024. If there are multiple entries with the same name, then match it with the address, name of parents, and other details.

There is no option to download this IPPE2 SECC list / BPL list file