Best Government Schemes for Students in India

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With ~250 million Indians under the age of 25 (as of 2023), there’s going to be a dearth of high-skill labour to support the growing economy, and educating our population is the only way to invest in the future of India’s growth and development. To enable this, the central government has launched various schemes that provide financial help for student education.

In this blog, we explore the different government schemes for students in India.

List of Government Schemes for Students in India

  1. Bihar Free Laptop Yojana
  2. Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS)
  3. Samriddhi Scheme for SC/ST Students
  4. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)
  5. Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

Bihar Free Laptop Yojana

बिहार फ्री लैपटॉप योजना ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन: Bihar Free Laptop Yojana 2024 -

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Under this government scheme, the Bihar government offers free laptops worth ₹25,000 each to students who have passed their 10th and 12th-grade exams. This program aims to support students as they pursue their academic goals and make them digitally savvy.

Eligibility Criteria for Bihar Free Laptop Yojana

  • Bihar Laptop Yojana launched by the Government of Bihar
  • Scheme provides ₹25,000 financial assistance to students for buying laptops
  • SC/ST students require minimum 75% marks, general category students need 85%
  • Aims to encourage education and distribute over 30 lakh laptops
  • Eligible for students in government schools, both regular and private medium
  • Kushal Yuva program graduates also qualify for laptops

Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS)

PM Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) 2024 - Eligibility, Awards & More

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The AICTE J&K cell is responsible for the proper implementation of the Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme to J&K Students to pursue undergraduate studies outside the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The cell offers financial support to students from J&K who are studying outside the state for their undergraduate studies.
  • Along with financial aid, the cell also provides counseling and guidance to students, helping them with various aspects of their education.
  • Thanks to the cell’s efforts, many students from J&K have been able to pursue their undergraduate studies outside the state successfully.
  • The cell is dedicated to ensuring that students from J&K receive a high-quality education and reach their fullest potential.

Samriddhi Scheme for SC/ST Students

Samriddhi scheme||#AICTE||#SC/ST scheme||Govt scheme||TG - YouTube

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The main goal of this government scheme is to support SC/ST students who want to start their own businesses or startups after completing their formal education or in their last year of study. The government provides financial assistance of ₹20 Lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria for Samriddhi Scheme for SC/ST Students

  • The candidate must belong to the SC/ST caste.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in or a graduate of an AICTE-approved college or university.
  • A minimum of five years should have passed since the institution or university was opened.
  • There should be at least 50 candidates that fall into the SC/ST caste group.
  • The candidate must have worked at the Institute for the previous three years.
  • Educational institutions should follow the regulations of the Indian government’s scheduled caste or tribal sub-plan.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)


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The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a government scheme for students to promote apprenticeship in India. It provides financial incentives to employers hiring apprentices and offers basic training and includes sharing 25% of prescribed stipend (up to ₹1500/month) with employers and sharing basic training costs (up to ₹7,500/apprentice).

Eligibility Criteria for National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

  • The applicant must have reached the age of 14 and complies with all other provisions of the 1961 Apprentices Act.
  • Each apprentice must create an account on the site.
  • It is mandatory to have an Aadhaar card.
  • The applicant must meet the minimum age, educational, and physical requirements.

Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities by Ministry of Minority  Affairs: Apply by Oct 31 - NoticeBard | Home

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The Post Matric Scholarship for Minorities (PMMS) is a government program that helps students from minority communities pay for post-secondary education in India. The scholarship is based on merit and financial need. To be eligible, students must have passed their 10th or 12th grade exams with at least 50% marks and belong to a minority community.

Eligibility Criteria for Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

  • Students from 11th grade to PhD level are eligible.
  • Students from minority communities who received at least 50% in their prior exam or an equal grade are eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Their family’s total annual income should be less than ₹2 Lakhs.

The various government schemes for students by the Indian government include the Bihar Free Laptop Yojana, Prerana Scheme for SC/ST Students, PMSSS, Samriddhi Scheme, AICTE Saksham Scheme, NAPS, and Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities. These government schemes for students provide financial aid, counseling, and support to students from different backgrounds, including specially-abled individuals and minority communities. The initiatives aim to bridge the skill gap, encourage higher education, and invest in the future of India’s growth.

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